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Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss Pastor Rick’s Rwanda Rocks Rally!

Gather your friends and family and head over to the Lake Forest Worship Center at 2pm on August 4th to hear what God is doing in the nation of Rwanda! Look forward to hearing from Pastor Rick and the Rwanda leadership team as they share how PEACE has dramatically impacted Rwanda over the last 7 years, and reveal their fresh vision for PEACE in Rwanda. This will be an incredible opportunity for our members to meet the new Rwandan PEACE Board of Directors, and hear from the leaders of the PEACE Plan in Rwanda, including Eric Munyemana, Moses Ndahiro , Pastor Emmanuel Karegyesa, and Mary Kamanzi, who heads up the orphan care work in the Rwanda PEACE office.

The Rwanda Rocks Rally is an exciting church-wide event where members of ALL regional campuses are invited to unite at the Lake Forest campus to celebrate! Come be encouraged by what God has done, experience Rwandan dancing, and get excited about what God has in store for Rwanda! If you have any questions, call the orphan care line at 949-609-8555. We hope to see you there!


Years ago, a 13 year old boy in Rwanda suffered the loss of both his parents. Left without an adult caretaker, he then watched as his infant siblings - just two and three years old - were taken away and placed into an orphanage.  


Today, that young boy has grown into a young man living in rural Kigali with a wife and a three-year-old son. A loving couple of little means, when they heard that the Rwandan government is working to empty all the orphanages, they agreed to adopt his long-lost younger siblings and bring them home. After a history filled with so much loss, these siblings now live together once again as a family! No longer on their own, once lonely children are now secure in the care of a family that loves them.


With the support of Saddleback sponsors, this couple has been able to reunite with children who would have spent their entire childhood in an orphanage, perhaps never knowing they had family in the community. This is just one example of the amazing transformation that is taking place across the country as a result of the partnership between the Rwandan government, local churches and the generous support of Saddleback families who have given to the Rwanda Sponsorship Program.


To learn more about how you can help a family in Rwanda reunite or adopt through the Rwanda Sponsorship Program, please visit


If you are interested in going on an Orphan Care PEACE trip to Rwanda to see the transformation for yourself and be a part of the amazing work that is being done, email or call 949-609-8555 for more information.


Did you know that this summer and fall, Saddleback will be sending teams from our church on short-term trips to assist local churches in Rwanda as they help the country reach its goal of emptying all their orphanages? No training is required to participate – we will train you in all you need to know.

To learn more about how YOU can go on an orphan care PEACE trip to Rwanda, come to the Rwanda tent at our monthly PEACE Global Night gathering, this Saturday June 22nd at 7pm in Tent 1, or attend Orphan Care Skills Training this Saturday at noon in the MO2 Gathering Room.

Wondering if this opportunity is for you? We asked three of our trip members to explain why they chose to get involved…

Why did you decide to go on an Orphan Care PEACE Trip to Rwanda?

Deana, August trip member

God changed the way I thought 2013 would look for our family. Back in February my daughter Madelyn was tasked with a Christian biography book report. My sweet girl has always had such a heart for missions, so I gave her the book “Kisses from Katie.” She devoured it! When she put it down, I snuck into her room and I, too, devoured it! It wasn’t the fact that a beautiful young homecoming queen, gave up her so-called “American Dream” life to move to Uganda to work with, and eventually adopt, children that moved us. It was her unfathomable love and faith in God! You couldn’t help but see Jesus in the way that she treated people.

I was changed. I had to go out and make a difference and I had to do it NOW! God was working on my heart, and I knew deep down that He wanted me to do something bigger. I found out that Rwanda, Africa has a crazy goal to empty all of their orphanages by 2014!  And, our church, Saddleback, is partnering with them, through the PEACE plan, to help them meet this goal!

I have joined a sweet little (but strong and mighty) task force whose efforts are to mobilize our church to ensure that every child in every Rwandan orphanage is placed into a loving family by 2014. So along with volunteering beside this beautiful team I am also planning to GO to Rwanda with a few them this summer! We will get to use some of the wonderful resources available at our church and train some of the local church members, visit the families that have taken these beautiful children in as family members, and most importantly meet whatever needs the local church has for us! I am beyond excited and thrilled that God is using me at 40!

Gary, August trip leader

As a team leader, I told my team, “Whether you know it or not, you will be involved in a historic undertaking.” Never before has a government of any country had a program to empty orphanages while using the local churches to support the effort. Can you imagine all dominations of churches in the US getting behind ANY government program? No way! But in Rwanda that is exactly what’s behind this program. The Rwandan government specifically asked Saddleback church to help lead the way and develop the plans and philosophy to make this program successful, and we will be a part of that!

Some people may say, "But don’t we need orphanages, aren’t they good for the children?" Well our team knows that orphanages actually restrict growth in children and it can be detrimental to their physical and mental health. I think everyone would agree that every child deserves a family – that’s our goal and that’s how you empty the orphanages.

Matt, July trip member

Personally, I have always had a heart for child development. I have worked with underprivileged children at UCLA and taught elementary school in South Korea. My future career will involve child development. So when I learned about this Rwandan orphan care initiative, I was surprised that fits my skills and interests perfectly.

Saddleback Church has been working in Rwanda for almost 10 years, training hundreds of local churches in the PEACE Plan. Recently, Rwanda set a BIG GOAL for their nation: to have all 3,000 of the country’s orphans adopted into families by the end of 2014. Every child not only deserves a family, but requires one for healthy development. I want to see all of the Rwandan orphanages completely empty.


To learn more about how YOU can go on an orphan care PEACE trip to Rwanda, come to the Rwanda tent at our monthly PEACE Global Night gathering, this Saturday June 22nd at 7pm in Tent 1, or attend Orphan Care Skills Training this Saturday at noon in the MO2 Gathering Room.

You can also email or call the orphan care line at 949-609-8555.