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What Makes This Sponsorship Program Unique?

Saddleback Sponsorship is a new model of helping children.  It is unique because it helps families who are reuniting or adopting and is led and managed by the Rwanda PEACE Plan through local churches.

Instead of just helping feed and clothe a child, it focuses on helping child find families.  It includes food and clothing support, school fees and other life essentials, with an emphasis on helping find a family. Saddleback sponsorship helps orphans stop being orphans, so they can have a family of their own. 

With other sponsorship programs, the donor is the hero, while in Saddleback Sponsorship; the local church in the community drives the distribution and is the hero. As a result, the orphan is helped directly, but their relationship is not with a church or person thousands of miles away.  Instead, they are connected to a permanent family and the local church. There is also an emphasis on helping families maximize the sponsorship through income generating projects and long term sustainable resources such as savings groups and livestock or gardens.

Will I Receive a Report?

Yes, reports about the progress of emptying the orphanages, the church and community, will be sent to you so that you can rejoice over the progress and continue to pray. You may even visit the church on a PEACE trip.  There is no connection to an individual child, because this is a church-initiated model that connects children to families, not to donors far away.  Reporting the results and outcomes of your sponsorship are essential and will occur regularly.  You’re a part of a history-making endeavor!


† Saddleback Sponsorship is not to replace regular tithes to your church.  Please consider caring for orphans in response to God’s love for you. 


Traditional Sponsorship

Family Support Sponsorship Model

Children Identified

Outside agent finds children

Local church connects with children who are leaving the orphanages in Rwanda


Program Benefits

Custodial Care

(food, clothing, education)

Custodial care & A FAMILY

Program Monitoring

Outside agency with significant

Administrative cost

Local Church with significant accountability



Contingent on continuous donations

Investment in income generating activities with an end date for sponsorship



Orphan receives help

Orphan stops being an orphan through adoption or family reunification




Budget                  $38 per month per family

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