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Posted by Ashley Eure

At last weekend’s Rwanda Rocks Rally, Pastor Rick introduced Saddleback to the new Board of Directors of the PEACE Plan Rwanda. The Board, which is comprised of leaders of all the major denominations in Rwanda, demonstrates the amazing and unprecedented unity that has been fostered in Rwanda as the Church comes together to address the needs of the community.

The Board thanked the over 1,200 Saddleback members who have traveled to Rwanda through PEACE. They shared the progress that the PEACE Plan has been making across the country, and cast vision for the future of PEACE as the movement spreads throughout the country and even is used as a model for other nations.

One of the major highlights of the developments being made is the work that is being done for the “Getting to Zero” campaign – the effort to empty all the orphanages across Rwanda by 2014 and place those children into caring, permanent families. Mary Kamanzi, who heads up the orphan care work in the Rwanda PEACE office, shared that the government is very grateful that the local churches are stepping up to support this goal and catching the vision that every child deserves a family of their own. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can see the amazing transformation for yourself by participating in an orphan care PEACE trip to Rwanda, email or call the orphan care line at 949-609-8555.

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i love your purpose
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