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Saddleback is an adoption friendly church. This means it’s a place where people can think about adoption, pray about adoption and get the information and support they need if they choose to adopt.

Studies have shown that 1:4 Christian families have considered adopting, but very very few families ever act on their adoption thoughts.  For some, they idealize adoption as if it were going to be easy or dread that it will insurmountably difficult, but for most, their decisions to adopt or not adopt is based on very little true information.  Saddleback is making it possible for families to get information in an unpressured, informal and factual way.  Hearing from families with firsthand experience, families learn how to adopt from the United States or from other countries.

Questions are answered at the twice-monthly “Thinking about Adoption” Seminar, held on one Wednesday and on Saturday morning a month.

“I was so confused by the options and didn’t even know if it was possible.”  Said one recent attender.

“When my wife and I asked questions about how to finance an adoption, we were shocked to learn that in the United States foster care system; there is no charge at all.  There were many things we just didn’t know.  We still don’t know if God wants us to adopt, but now we know where to start and have the support of people who have been there.”

“Most importantly,”  said Elizabeth Styffe, the Saddleback Church Director of Global Orphan Care,” We offer a simple, but profound walk through the Bible on God’s Heart for the Orphan and the theology of adoption- how God adopted us.”   Lynn Young LCSW, the Director of Local Orphan Care and a former county social worker also leads this effort along with ordinary families who have adopted or fostered.

The next Thinking About Adoption Seminar is Wednesday, December 5, 7-8:30 and Saturday, December 8, 10-11:30

Registration is not required.  To get more information email or (949) 609-8555.  

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