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Posted by Cynthia Styffe

I hope that in the future, I will be able to empty orphanages.  I want orphans to become sons and daughters instead of orphans. There have been orphanages for a long time and I think it’s time to start to empty them.  I believe every child needs a mom and a dad, and every child needs a home and a family and someone to love them forever.

 For orphans, when they go to bed, no one tucks them in, and when they get up, no one says, “Good morning”, and they get very little good treatment.  Most orphans get very little food and no clean water.   They don’t get to go to a good school or got to college like you, so they grow up and don’t get a good job and they end up on the streets and they steal.  Why? Because they did not get the love and the help that they needed.   Some even do drugs because they think that is what will solve their problems.

So please, help empty out orphanages for good.  There are enough families in the world.  We need more people to say, “There’s room in our family for more”.   This would change your life and it will change their life.  You will learn to love and you will help children learn how to do what you can only learn to do in a family.  The orphans won't be orphans any more, and they will learn to love too.

I know some people think it is impossible to empty orphanages.  They think that they should just build more or better orphanages or visit orphanages or give them money.  This is not the answer.  Why do people go visit orphans when they could help orphans find a mom and dad?   I want to give this message to the world.  Don’t think that building orphanages or visiting them, or even giving them money is the answer. Instead, help the orphans get moms and dads.  This will truly change the future and make orphans free.  When children find families, they are not orphans any more.  I like the way that sounds.  Not an orphan any more.

Posted by Andy 12/1/2012 1:27:00 PM
WOW! I am so moved Cynthia! Great Job!
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