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Rwanda Orphan Sponsorship

Did you know that orphanages are damaging to children? Research shows growing up in an institution harms children emotionally, physically and developmentally. Children need the love of a family to survive and thrive.

That’s why Saddleback Church is coming alongside the Rwandan government as they work towards a goal of emptying all their orphanages by 2014. Saddleback is partnering with local churches in Rwanda to help all those children find permanent, caring families of their own. Of the 3,000 children in orphanages in Rwanda when we began last year, 1,200 now have families to call their own, and 5 of the 35 orphanages have closed!

There’s still more to be done. Our “Getting to Zero” goal is that there will be zero children living in Rwandan orphanages by 2014.

You can help empty orphanages by sponsoring a family in Rwanda – helping a child reunite with – or regain – a family. Sponsorship helps a family provide school fees, food, clothes and health insurance for the child. It also provides for parenting training and social worker support through the local church.

This sponsorship program is unique in that it works to end the orphan crisis by focusing on getting children into family, so that they are a son or daughter and not an orphan anymore.

Because of the involvement of the local Rwandan church in selecting families for the program and administering funds, there is a high level of accountability. You can know that your gift goes directly to the family through the local church, without a lot of red tape or overhead.

With other sponsorship programs, the donor is the hero. In Saddleback’s Rwanda Orphan Sponsorship, the local church is the hero and the source of distribution in the community. As a result, the orphan is helped directly, and they are connected to a permanent family and the local church. There is also an emphasis on helping families maximize the sponsorship through income generating projects and long-term sustainable resources such as savings groups and livestock.

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Description: Macintosh HD:Users:aeure:Desktop:Pictures:Good pics:Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.09.04 PM.pngFor $38 a month, or through a one time gift, you can help an orphan become a son or daughter again.

Your sponsorship provides:

  • School fees
  • Medical Insurance
  • Sustainable income-generating skills
  • Church-based lay social worker support
  • Family training through the local church


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